81 (1/2021)

1. Valentyna Kovalchyk
Building Future Teacher’s Value-Motivational Competences
2. Ninel Sydorchuk
Categorial analysis of the “higher educational institution educator’s professional health” concept
3. Olena Antonova, Oleksii Antonov
Project method as a means of implementation of practical-oriented approach in formation of professional competence of the future teacher
4. Valentyna Kovalenko
Information and communication technologies (ict) and their role in the training of medical students in the conditions of distance learning
5. Valeriy Dodurych
Standardization of environmental efficiency assessment of land use management
6. Krukovska Iryna
The history of the Volyn paramedic school as the core fragment of the origins of Ukrainian medical education
7. Liudmyla Konstantynenko
The use of innovative teaching methods in the teaching of biological sciences in higher education institutions
8. Iryna Lupaina
Teacher’s Self-Education as a Part of Professional Competence
9. Oleksandr Mosiiuk
Analysis of the software for studying three-dimensional modeling by future computer science teachers in the context of distance learning
10. Oleksandr Mamaikin
Potential of mind mapping use in the process of resource-based learning of engineering specialty students
11. Olha Rudnytska
Legal clinical education as an important tool for the formation of the future lawyers`professional competencies
12. Maryna Patsyuk
Scientific Activity in Educational Institutions
13. Oksana Potikha
Influence of military actions in the eastern Ukraine on formation of value orientations of student youth
14. Svitlana Taraban
Public Administration of Education in Ukraine
15. Nataliia Voitovych
Professional skills of a law teacher in pre-higher and higher education institutions with specific learning conditions
16. Yuliya Shelyuk
The Research Competence Development in Students – Biology Majors of the First (Bachelor’s) Level of Higher Education
17. Olena Yurchuk
Interactive Technologies of Ukrainian Literature Teaching
18. Olena Makarenko
Assessing the impact of the disciplines content quality on the higher education learning outcomes

19. Alona Liashevych

Psycho-emotional burnout of a teacher of a higher educational institution in the educational process
20. Tеtiana Babenko

Formation of research competence of students medical college in the format of distance learning
21. Igor Verbovskyi

Higher education establishment management and its organizational and legal status
22. Iryna Radziievska

Cluster technologies as modern educational trends in the development of medical education in XXI century

ZN 81-1-2021
ZN 81-1-2021
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