85 (1/2022)

1. Vladyslava Berezhok
Pedagogical conditions of definitive formation interrelation of environmental and aesthetic education under senior pupils
2. Oksana Dobrovolska
Digital competences as basis of vocational training of experts of an engineering profile
3. Viacheslav Gerasymenko
Methods of conducting excursions to the enterprise for better mastering of the discipline „Fundamentals of power supply”
4. Halyna Hrymashevych
Educational component „ukrainian dialectology” in the context of training of future teachers of ukrainian language and literature
5. Inna Yakivna Hubenko
Organization of the student scientific society’s work in the conditions of distance learning
6. Maryna Ishchenko
Competence approach in teaching mathematics in colleges
7. Liubov Bashmanivska
The epistolary heritage of Lesia Ukrainka as a means of forming literary competence
8. Tetiana Mahdych
Application of case-method for the purpose of formation of civic competence  of lyceum students in the process of learning the Ukrainian language
9. Nataliia Maiborodina
Development of student’s creative thinking at the study of discipline “Higher mathematics”
10. Oleksii Bashmanivskii
Practical aspects and methods of teaching English to the students of philology and journalism
11. Olha Orel
New IT Technologies in Railway Transport
12. Nataliia Shurkhno
Formation of communicative competence of students of 8-9 grades in the process of learning the Ukrainian language: a media educational approach
13. Oksana Shut
Actual aspects of competent approach in higher education of Ukraine

14. Kostyantin Simakov
Features of teaching analytical and accounting disciplines in higher education institutions
15. Olena Solodovnyk
Information and digital competence of a teacher of Novograd-Volynskiy Medical Applied College in the conditions of blended learning as a component of professional growth
16. Viacheslav Tsyhanskyi
Methodical substantiation of the organization European Credit Transfer and Accumulative systems in the teaching of agricultural disciplines
17. Tetiana Mishchenko
Applying information and communication technologies for practical sessions on Medical and Biological Physics: experience and new opportunities
18. Nataliia Storozhuk
Assessment of academic mobility as a basis for acquisition of multicultural skills
19. Tetiana Turbar
Theoretical substantiation of the pedagogical conditions for developing environmental competence of future primary school teachers
20. Daria Velykzhanina
Diagnosis of future social educators and primary school teachers readiness to professional interaction
21. Viktoriia Vertegel
Issues of internationalization and academic mobility in Ukraine
22. Svitlana Vitvytska
Pedagogical mastery of an educator of a higher education institution in the context of the ideas of outstanding Ukrainian teachers
23. Lesia Yashchuk
Male names in Volyn literature heritage sites of the 16th century
24. Wiesław Zawadzki, Mariusz Kozikowski
Zadania Żandarmerii Wojslowej w obszarze bezpieczeństwa państwa i porządku publicznego / Tasks of the Military Police in the area of state security and public order

ZN 85 (1-2022)
ZN 85 (1-2022)
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