83 (3/2021)

1. Viktoriia Diadiuk
The role of the public health specialist in the promotion and vaccination of children against human papilloma virus
2. Makhnovska Iryna Romanivna
Structure and content of the educational-professional training program for masters in public health at Zhytomyr Medical Institute (Ukraine)
3. Iryna Sovtus
Practical training is an integral part of the educational process in the preparation of a professional junior bachelor of nursing
4. Luibov Bilyk
Modern Methodological Approaches in Education of Bachelors of Rehabilitation Nursing
5. Liudmyla Brazalii
Current issues of nurses training for the paliative care system
6. Alla Harlinska
The Health Benefits of Sport and Physical Education
7. Serhii Hryshchuk
Comparative analysis of motivations for motor activity of schoolchildren from rural and urban areas
8. Iryna Nikolaeva
Knowledge Formation on the Influence of Behavioural Factors on the Development of Non-infectious Diseases in Future Masters of the Specialty „Public Health”
9. Kosenko Valentyna Mykolaivna
Research scientific work of the students of medical educational institutions and the ways of its improving
10. Olha Zablotska
The Organization of Research Work of Applicants of Higher Education of Ukraine in specialty „Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment”
11. Oleksandra Shevchenko
Development of nurse resilience: international experience
12. Vera Apshay
Group work as a means of increasing the effectiveness of training for medical students

ZN-83-3 2021 Got
ZN-83-3 2021 Got
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