87 (3/2022)

1. Olena Mazur
Formatiom of proffesional competence of future agronomists in the proces of studying the course „HARVEST PROGRAMMING”
2. Olena Tsyhanska
Podillya Botanical Garden and Biostationary of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University as an educational, scientific and production base in the practical training of forestry and horticulture specialists
3. Ruslana Panasiuk
Effect of fertiliser Nitroamofoska-M on crop capasity and mentor soybean variety
4. Valerii Tarasiuk
Indicators of growth and seed productivity of plants of milk thistle in conditions of the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine
5. Svitlana Lishchuk
Influence of 232Th and ⁹⁰Sr radionuclides on the state of natural animals resistance in radioactively contaminated territories of Ukraine
6. Yuliia Lobunko
Optimization of the land-use regime for territories and objects of the nature reserve fund of local importance
7. Elina Luhovska
Сreating an educational environment in the training of professionally mobile agricultural engineer
8. Oksana Muliarchuk
Competence of the researcher in the determined yields of white cabbage depending on the influence of cultivation technology elements in the conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine
9. Kateryna Nebaba
Impact of nutrition system on the duration of the growing season of garden peas in the Western Forest-Steppe in Ukraine
10. Vasyl Ovcharuk
Productivity of marketable products of parsley and celery depending on the calibration of seeds
11. Tetiana Padalko
Elements of cultivation technology and raw material realization of chamomile by agricultural commodity producers
12. Yurii Potapskyi
Current state and issues of improving the maintenance of the state land cadastre in Ukraine
13. Petro Bezvikonnyi
Efficiency of growing of table beet roots using different methods of mulching in the conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukrain
14. Volodymyr Kostash
Development of technology elements to improve fish planting material
15. Vitalii Lapchynskyi
Competence of the researcher in search of the optimal place for wheat Triticum spelta in organic crop rotation
16. Piotr Ponichtera, Daniel Tyborowski, Jan Miciński, Andrzej Borusiewicz, Daniel Marchelewski
Occurrence of hoof diseases in herds of dairy cows in the Lomza poviat
17. Janusz Lisowski, Henryk Porwisiak, Rafał Laszuk
Comparison of the annual increases of oxytree biomass to energy targets after the first and after the second year of vegetation
18. Janusz Lisowski, Magda Korytkowska
Comparison of the yield of three soya varieties in two vegetation periods
19. Andrzej Borusiewicz, Krzysztof Cwalina
Precision farming techniques


ROLNICTWO ZN-87-3-2022
ROLNICTWO ZN-87-3-2022
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