86 (2/2022)

1. Nataliia Lashuk
The use of discussion as an active method of teaching a foreign language for university students
2. Oksana Liaska
Realization of the potential of distance learning in the context of modernization of the higher education system
3. Nataliia Makovetska
Conceptual and terminological research field of features of distance professional training of future specialists of tourist and hotel-restaurant sphere
4. Nataliia Myronchuk
Formation of self-organization competence in professional activity of future teachers in the context of educational changes and innovations
5. Oksana M. Palyliulko
Peculiarities of adaptation of educators with special needs to the conditions of higher education
6. Vita Pavlenko
Development of creativity in out-of-school educational activities in Poland
7. Oksana Piddubna
Formation of creative activity of an individual and development of his/her practical skills by the means of integrated complex approach while performing painting art tasks
8. Antonina Plechko
Testing as the form for knowledge check of higher education seekers under distance learning conditions in Ukraine
9. Lesya Sheludchenko
Forming competencies of receivers of higher education of technical specialties in the context of environmental conservation in conditions of constant development of the society
10. Olha Stashuk
Search for organizational and methodological capabilities of higher educational institutions in Ukraine to implement the principles of dual education
11. Anna Chernyshova
The main mechanisms of preparing primary school teachers for teaching choreography
12. Inna Chuieva
Innovative approaches of teaching the discipline “Technologies in tourism activity”
13. Olha Haliieva
Organization of an empirical study of the problem of development of state anxiety self-regulation in psychologists-to-be in the conditions of learning activity
14. Svitlana Hrebinska
Developing pedagogical skills of a teacher of a professional pre-higher education institution as a basis of his competence
15. Oleksandr Kadeniuk
The academic subject “history” in the worldview formation of the modern students
16. Olena Kazannikova
Sanatorium school as a training base for training specialists for the system of inclusive education of Ukraine
17. Diana Kirika
Legal education in the context of shaping a competitive professional
18. Tetiana Krachan
Improving the educational process during the study of chemical disciplines
19. Ruslan Kravets
Professional requirements for a foreign language teacher’s competence in the context of internationalisation of higher education institutions
20. Andrii Kryskov
Ukrainian higher education institutions in Czechoslovakia in the interwar period (1919-1938)
21. Eduard Kryvolapov
Theoretical and methodological principles of professional training of future specialists in tourism safety
22. Marharyta Kudinova
Empirical study of stress resistance levels of students with special educational needs
23. Wiesław Zawadzki, Mariusz Sakowski
5 lat WOT- ocena koncepcji odtworzenia Obrony Terytorialnej / 5 years of Territorial Defense Forces – evaluation of the concept of restoring the Territorial Defense
24. Wiesław Zawadzki, Mariusz Sakowski
Podwaliny utworzenia w 2017r. Wojsk Obrony Terytorialnej – rys historyczny XX i XXI w. / The foundations for the creation in 2017 of the Territorial Defense Forces – historical outline of the 20th and 21st centuries

Bezpieczenstwo ZN 86-2-2022
Bezpieczenstwo ZN 86-2-2022
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